Money in the Bank: David Costabile on Billions

David Costabile has proven his ability to play hard-edged, intelligent eccentrics in a variety of settings. From his breakthrough role as Detective Rick Messer on Damages through his hilarious and haunting turn as meth chef Gale Boetticher (the would-be Salieri to Walter White’s Mozart) on Breaking Bad, he’s the sort of actor who draws the […]

Smart TV: The Many Faces of Jean Smart

Jean Smart has received numerous accolades during her illustrious career spanning television, film and theater including two Emmy® Awards for her role as Lana Gardener in Frasier, an Independent Spirit Award nomination for the feature film Guinevere and a Tony Award® nomination for her Broadway performance in The Man Who Came to Dinner. And who could […]

Kim’s Turn: Rhea Seehorn on Better Call Saul

The backbone of AMC’s comedy-thriller Better Call Saul, Rhea Seehorn’s Kim Wexler anchors a whirlwind of incidents and a heavy-hitting cast of veteran actors. And yet Kim is no mere reactive character: she’s an ethical person fighting a constant battle to maintain her standards even as she’s surrounded by lawyers and criminals who barely notice […]

Mr. Authenticity: Thomas Haden Church from Sideways to Divorce

Split Screens Festival’s event with Thomas Haden Church has been canceled, as Mr. Church is unfortunately no longer able to travel to New York to participate. In a personal note to festivalgoers, the actor said, “Hi all, sorry to disappoint everyone, I would have liked to spend Saturday evening with you all in New York but due to […]

Acting Machine: Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright

Since his first movie star turn as the troubled savant artist of Basquiat, Jeffrey Wright has become one of the most versatile and mesmerizing of actors, playing everything from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the HBO film Boycott to a gangster kingpin and political leader on Boardwalk Empire. His work is distinguished […]