The best way to see Split Screens events is with a three-pack.

What’s better than coming to an event at Split Screens TV Festival? Coming to three events, of course! Regular priced tickets are $17, but smart TV fans are taking advantage of our three-pack, for just $40 (or $35 if you’re an IFC Center member). Here’s how it works. Step one: Buy your ticket pack. Step […]

Meet The New Co-Creative Director Melanie McFarland

Join us in welcoming Salon TV critic Melanie McFarland to Split Screens Festival as a Co-Creative Director! Follow Melanie on Twitter at @McTelevision and read her work on McFarland grew up in a household where television viewing was strictly limited — the only parent-approved programming was anything aired on PBS. This included the infamous classic “I, Claudius,” […]